+ sales / trades: If a Tiniquine is marked for sale or listed in a sale on the forum, then it's definitely for sale. You can offer a trade if you like. If it's not marked or listed, then it probably is not for sale. You can ask anyway though, sometimes you'll be lucky!

+ names: If you acquire a CS Tiniquine and agree not to change its name at the point of sale (if I ask), please keep your word. If this was a term of the sale, then you agreed to it when purchasing the Tiniquine. This particular term must be passed on with the Tiniquine if you transfer ownership. The reasoning behind asking for this is that with the large number of TQs at my stable, I won't get to breed or show them all. Rather than hoard ones I am not using, I would like to sell them and let someone else enjoy them. Since I can't always register them all before selling them, this allows them to keep the names I created for them while still letting them go to new homes where they will be loved, bred, shown, and enjoyed.

+ resales: If you are selling/trading/auctioning/giving a tiniquine with the CS prefix, I would love to have first choice to buy it back regardless of where you acquired it from. Message me through the board or e-mail me and I'll let you know right away if I want to buy it. Please give me a week to do so in case life happens. People who do not follow the prefix policy will be banned from CS sales.

+ prefixes: Please DO NOT remove my prefix from any CS Tiniquines, regardless of where you acquire them. I regard this as a great insult and a violation of my policies, as it removes my buyback rights. This will get you banned from my sales. I will also take your blatant disregard for my prefix as a sign to remove yours from any TQs I own with your prefix. Simple: Don't do it.

+ stud services: Pretty much all of my stallions are available. I'm not terribly picky about registrations, but I do prefer that the mare has some genetics in common. The genetics matter most for my prize winners. If there is some other reason why you want the breeding, just say so! I like odd combinations. I also accept trades for the stud fees if you are low on SF, so don't be afraid to ask. Also, I know that you cannot charge a stud fee for an unregistered stud. The prices are there as placeholders for when they are registered in the future. I also need to agree to the studding even if it is for an unregistered stallion.