2004 Halloween Carnival

Glitter got one apple in Genesis' Bobbing for Apples game at the 2004 Halloween Carnival!
Glory and Dr.S hit 7 balloons in Raven's Dart Throwing game at the 2004 Halloween Carnival!
Dr.S got 3rd place at the Pumpkin Carving Contest at the 2004 Halloween Carnival!
This was her entry:

Dr.S' entry in the 2004 Halloween Carnival Costume Contest didn't place, but it's here for fun:

A Knight's Steed!

Dr.S' poem won 1st place in the Poetry Contest at the 2004 Halloween Carnival!
Here is the poem, if you would like to see it:

"Watch out for Witches"

On Hallow's Eve as I strolled along
Humming to myself a darkling song
I happened upon an odd situation
Involving a friend of equine inclination

A Tiniquine of a dappled gray sort
Was attempting to run from a witch with a wart!
Her hooves struck the path with a clippity-clop
But I urged her to wait with a tremulous, "Stop!"

The miniature horse came to a halt
While the witch looked on with eyes of cobalt
"Surely this is not at all what it seems,"
I stated amidst the streaming moonbeams

The witch then paused at hearing my word
And with some spell I'd never heard
She twisted and changed from a thing of disgust
Into a bright lady, fair and august

The gray and I looked on with surprise
While the witch looked back, with sparkling gray eyes
"You were right," she said with a nod and a bow
"Looks are deceiving, as you know now."

Speechless, I stood, with my Tiniquine friend
Wondering when the surprises would end
The gray, meanwhile, shook off her shock
And with a shy smile, she managed to talk

"I'm sorry, my lady, for running away.
You see, I was scared, for 'tis Halloween today."
In answer the witch simply smiled again
Then faded away as if she'd not been

"What an odd evening," I said to myself then
For these things rarely, if ever do happen
Nowadays my Tiniquine friend and I
Are careful of witches when Hallow's Eve is nigh!